I had the privilege of being selected as a home cook for Middle Eastern week on the The Chef's Line Season 2 for SBS Food!!

The Chef's Line is about home cooks challenging an entire chefs' line from some of the best restaurants around the country. It's a battle to get the best plate on the pass! Each night you will see home cooks challenge restaurant Chefs in 3 elimination rounds; resulting in the last home cook standing to cook off in the final round against the head chef.

Week 4 - Middle Eastern

Airs weeknights at 6pm, from 27 August

Four home cooks with a passion for Middle Eastern cuisine face off against the chefs’ line from restaurant, Kepos Street Kitchen, run by owner and Head Chef Michael Rantissi.

"Our home cooks this week are: Mahshid Babzartabi, a Victorian-based asylum-seeker and care worker from Iran. She began cooking at 10, as her mother told her she’d need cooking skills to find a good husband. “That,” says Mahshid with a smile, "was not true!” Homemaker and mother-of-five, Mervat, whose parents are from Lebanon. She grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and is self-taught in the kitchen. Sima Hanimyan, a marketing manager from NSW, whose Armenian parents inspired her love of this cuisine. And Sara Stidwill, a contact centre team leader from Sydney, who is “half-Egyptian, half-Australian – and everything is about food!”

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